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 The death penalty is a legal process by which a state punishes a person"s crimes with death. A court order that punishes a person in this manner calls the death penalty while enforcement calls the death penalty. There is a death penalty. It is called a crime punishable from Latin, meaning "husband", meaning the death penalty by beheading most of the Sangha Mani, and the death penalty is the punishment of those who do not see it. With politics or religion in this history, capital punishment has always been associated with torture and public executions. Today, as many countries still live, 58 countries legally abolished the death penalty for all forms of population, 98 countries abolished the death penalty. As usual 7 countries and maintains it for special behavior such as war crimes and countries that have de facto abolition of the death penalty with at least 10 years of life. Virtually every country in the world has banned the execution of persons under 18 when committing crimes since 2009. Only Saudi Arabia and places of sacrifice in this way life are now a matter of voice among nations and stances are many. Many ideologies, political ideologies, etc., the nation also resolved in the coup d"etat of the people of that time.

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